Aaghaz partners with World Literacy Foundation

Aaghaz Foundation has partnered with prominent global organisation World Literacy Foundation (WLF) The move comes after the CEO of World Literacy Foundation, Mr Andrew Kay, wrote to us expressing WLF's interest in a tie-up with Aaghaz.Committed to breaking the cycle of low levels of literacy, WLF runs a range of literacy programs in developing nations around the world.It also act as a major voice advocating the need to improve literacy globally and achieve education for all, as well as being a central resource for research, best practise and news relating to global literacy- across all sectors. For years, the World Literacy Foundation has been working with various organisations to help improve literacy standards around the world.Now Aaghaz will also exchange ideas with them and benefit from their expertise. In April 2012, WLF staged the inaugural World Literacy Summit, a major international conference which brought over 200 global literacy experts to Oxford in the United Kingdom. The summit was attended by academics, government representatives, business leaders and senior representatives from literacy and development organisations from all over the world. Over four days the delegates shared their ideas, opinions and learnt from the pioneers and experts improving literacy worldwide. You can read more about the Summit at The major outcome from the World Literacy Summit was the Oxford Declaration which is a joint document outlining key points that must be acted upon in order to improve global literacy standards. This document will be used to break down the barriers between all sectors and provide leverage to fund, plan, operate and measure work in literacy. It gives us immense pleasure to tell you that Aaghaz Foundation has also become a signatory to this declaration. As part of the tie-up, WLF has given Aaghaz the full license (free-of-charge) to use over 60 downloadable readers to guide children from the first steps of reading to competent literacy skills. More than one million children from 78 countries have already used the program, and it has proven to be extremely successful. We hope it will help the hundreds of destitute Muslim children benefitting from various educational initiatives of Aaghaz in India.


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