We take it from the community, give it back to the community From members who contribute a minimum of Rs. 100/- pm. From sponsors under our adopt-a-child scheme NOTE: All funds are used solely to pay school fees. In keeping up with our guiding principles, not a single penny has been spent on the Foundation (all office expenditure, including stationary, postal expenses etc. are borne by the members voluntarily) on anything other than education.

Through neighbourhood contact programmes: Aaghaz members routinely visit Muslim localities and slums to locate children who want to study but don’t have the resources. From institutions: Letters have been issued to school/college in Lucknow to intimate us if a student is dropping out because he/she can’t afford to pay the fees. Recommended by our members who have been told to look out for such students.
The school fee of our students range from Rs 60 per month to Rs 500 per month
Once we have identified a student, a minimum of 2 Aaghaz members (not related to the student) visit his/her home for what is called a pre-scholarship survey. With the help of detailed questionnaire, members determine if the student is deserving or not. The family’s income of the child, his/her inclination to study, aptitude etc is taken into account. Priority is given to orphans and meritorious students.
Scholarship is given for an academic session and subject to a student’s performance, extended or withdrawn for another year. Members visit various colleges periodically to monitor the progress of students. Those given scholarship for higher education are made to sign a moral bond wherein they promise to return the funds (without interest) when they are in a position to do so. The bond has no legal sanctity.
Become an agent of change by joining us
Nothing materially. There are no tangible benefits for you, only Sawa'ab. Students availing our services will pass the baton to the next generation; even if they don’t at least their generation and hopefully, those after them would be educated.
Aaghaz Foundation doesn’t have any political affiliations. Transparency is the key word. Accounts, records etc can be checked. There are no personal gains to be made through Aaghaz. The decision-making authority in Aaghaz Foundation is vested with an Executive Council comprising urban professionals. But this doesn’t imply that the Foundation belongs to an individual or group. We are all cogs in the machine. So you can be as much a part of Aaghaz as we are.


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