Why Join Us

Because If you want help your less fortunate brothers and sisters then who would?

According to a study by educationist Hanif Lakadwala, if Indian Muslims don't pay attention to education for another few years, they might lose millions of children to illiteracy. Consider these chilling statistics: 3 is percentage is the representation of Muslims in the Indian Administrative Services; 1.8% in the IFS; 3.4% in the IPS and 2.29% in the Indian Army as against 23.5% in domestic jobs and 17.4% in construction labour workforce.

Around 60% Muslims in India have never attended school. 0.08 is the percentage of Muslim graduates in rural areas 2.7 years in the average number of years a Muslim girl studies in school. 85% of rural Indian Muslim women are unable to read or write. You have two ways  to react to these numbers: You could just brush them aside and be happy you are not one of the stats. Or you could pause and ask yourself: Is there anything you can do  to make a difference?  So, be a part of this great community initiative and become an agent of change.