Aaghaz Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 by journalist Mazhar Farooqui and his friends in Lucknow with just Rs 2000 and one needy student.

By January 2020, Aaghaz had supported over 16,000 low-income students across India. Unable to pay their fees, most of these students would have otherwise dropped out. We are currently raising funds for multiple educational programmes.

Yes, Aaghaz Foundation is registered under the Societies Registration Act of India, 1860.

Yes! Aaghaz accept zakat funds.

Aaghaz Foundation is entirely funded by members and patrons. It continues to look for new supporters, investors, and partners.

Each case is thoroughly vetted. Our volunteers visit the student’s house  with an evaluation form to determine whether or not the student is eligible for scholarship.The academic record of  the student, his/her financial condition etc are among taken into consideration. Priority is given to orphans, minority students.

Scholarship is given for an academic session and subject to a student’s performance, extended or withdrawn for another year. Members visit various colleges periodically to monitor the progress of students.   Beneficiaries are made to sign a bond wherein they promise to volunteer for Aaghaz and return the funds (without interest) when they can.

Since Aaghaz supports students across various schools and colleges in India, their fees varies significantly. On average, it costs roughly Rs 25,000 annually to support a child at school level. Fees of students pursuing higher studies hover around Rs 50,000 per semester. One year of coaching/boarding/mentorship at the proposed Aaghaz Rahmani30 Centre in Uttar Pradesh would cost Rs 200,000 per student per year

No other organization responds to a student’s need as swiftly as Aaghaz. Our focus is achieving results by investing in students through top-level education, long-term mentoring and professional guidance.

Aaghaz is run by a competent and dedicated team of volunteers. All decisions are taken by the core team of members. The Lucknow Guidance and Coaching Centre is run by an administrative staff that oversees the day-to-day operations.