Chaudhary Wajahat Ali Sandilvi Memorial Scholarship

  • Constituted to honour the memory of freedom fighter and eminent author Chaudhary Wajahat Ali Sandilvi, who was born in a zamindar (landlord) family in Sandila, UP, and championed the cause of education and humanity.
  • He took part in the freedom struggle from a young age and later became a practicing lawyer. In his lifetime Chaudhary Wajahat Ali Sandilvi authored over 25 books ranging from short stories, satire and poetry.
  • Amount: The scholarship is worth Rs 50,000 and will be awarded to two girl students (Rs 25,000) each)
  • Applications open on June 10, 2021, preference to girl students, especially those pursuing Urdu at recognised universities

Are you interested in starting a memorial scholarship?

  A memorial scholarship is a great way to honour and keep alive the memory of someone special who has left the world.

If you want to start a memorial scholarship in the memory of a departed loved one, write to us at with the following:

  • Name and photograph of person in whose memory the scholarship has to be set up.
  • Amount you are willing to contribute annually.
  • Tentative date when you want to start the scholarship.
  • Contact number.

At Aaghaz we have a large data base of underprivileged students across India. Based on the amount (minimum Rs 25,000 annually) you are willing to contribute, we will look up our database and identity a student within that fund range.We can even organise an event where you can meet the student and personally handover the scholarship and a certificate which will bear the name of the person in whose memory the scholarship has been constituted.

Academic reports of the student will be mailed to you from time to time so that you can keep track their progress. This way you will have an emotional connect with the student.